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PWandPriya.jpgWhen Prophet Walker was an infant, his birth mother succumbed to a heroin addiction, and at the age of seven, he went to live with his father in South Central Los Angeles. At 16, Prophet was sentenced to six years in prison for robbery and Great Bodily Injury, stemming from a fight with other teenagers.

What happened next was anything but predictable.  While in prison, Prophet said to himself, “I am not a criminal.  This is not going to be my life.” And against all odds, vowed to turn his life around.

3_-_After_Release.jpgFrom that point forward, Prophet began a remarkable journey as a leader, role model, and community activist.  While still in prison, he helped start a program that gives incarcerated youths the ability to earn a two-year college degree, and became the program’s first graduate.  To date, more than 100 of its graduates have left jail and enrolled in four-year college programs – including Prophet, attended Loyola Marymount University.

But Prophet’s commitment to serving his community extends far beyond that.  He co-founded the “Watts United Weekend,” which brings together young residents of local public housing projects before they turn into gang rivals.  He serves on the Board of Directors of InsideOUT Writers, which works with juvenile offenders, teaching them to express their emotions through writing.  He is a founding member of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, which advocates for prison and sentencing reform and helps young people get a fresh start after incarceration.  And, he was recently appointed to the Board of Kids Progress Inc. (KPI), which supports at-risk young people living in and around public housing projects in Los Angeles.


Prophet’s leadership and commitment have earned admiration from hundreds of people from all walks of life, including the young people he has supported, education and foundation leaders, and even his former prison guards and probation officer.

Prophet currently works with the Jordan Downs Redevelopment Project, which will transform a major housing development and create jobs in the Watts community.  Before that, he was a Project Engineer for Morley Builders, helping to build the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.  He has also served as a Project Engineer for Nautilus Group Inc., a development and construction firm. While at Nautilus, Prophet helped lead implementation of the first fully robotic parking structure in the United States.

Now Prophet is running for State Assembly in California’s 64th district, which represents Carson, Compton, Watts, Wilmington, and North Long Beach.  Driven by his personal experience, Prophet’s goal is to serve as an advocate for children, and living proof that every young person can be a productive member of society.  In the Assembly, he will focus on economic development, improving public schools, and reforming our juvenile justice system so that it rehabilitates our kids instead of giving up on them.

Prophet’s commitment to children stems directly from his unwavering love for his eight-year-old daughter, Pryia.  “My Princess is my inspiration, and a constant reminder that every child is precious. Her love is etched in my heart.”

Biographia de Prophet Walker

Cuando Profeta Walker era un bebé, su madre biológica sucumbió a una adicción a la heroína y a la edad de siete años se fue a vivir con su padre en el centro sur de Los Angeles. A los 16 años, el Profeta fue condenado a seis años de prisión por robo y lesiones corporales graves derivado de una pelea con otros adolescentes.

Lo que sucedió después fue todo menos predecible. Mientras estaba en prisión, Profeta dijo a sí mismo: "Yo no soy un criminal. Esto no va a ser mi vida. "Y a pesar de todo lo ocurrido, se comprometió a cambiar su vida.

Desde ese punto en adelante, Profeta comenzó un extraordinario viaje como líder, modelo a seguir, y activista de la comunidad. Cuando aún estaba en la cárcel, él ayudó a iniciar un programa que da a los jóvenes encarcelados la posibilidad de obtener un título universitario de dos años, y se convirtió en el primer graduado del programa. Hasta la fecha, más de 100 de sus graduados han dejado la cárcel y matriculados en programas universitarios de cuatro años - incluyendo Profeta, quien asistió a la Universidad de Loyola Marymount. 

Pero el compromiso de Profeta para servir a su comunidad se extiende mucho más allá de eso. Fue co-fundador del "Fin de Semana Unidos de Watts", que reúne a jóvenes residentes de proyectos de vivienda pública locales antes de que se entren en las bandas rivales. Es miembro de la Junta Directiva de Escritores InsideOUT que trabaja con los delincuentes menores de edad enseñándoles a expresar sus emociones a través de la escritura. Él es un miembro fundador de la Coalición Anti-Reincidencia, que aboga por la prisión y reforma de las penas y la ayuda a los jóvenes a tener un comienzo nuevo después de su encarcelamiento. Fue nombrado recientemente como parte del Consejo de Niños Progreso Inc. (KPI) que apoya a los jóvenes en riesgo que viven alrededor de los proyectos de vivienda pública en Los Ángeles. 

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